Paris Weather – And The Weather In Paris Today Is …..

Sorry guys, I don’t bring good news on Paris weather. Believe me or not, the weather in Paris is like a box full of surprises – you never know what you will get.

My first visit to Paris happened to be in May, and I was thinking about taking the sun on Champ de Mars, enjoying the view of the beautiful Eiffel Tower. Well, I did it … but it was on the third day of my stay in Paris, having two rainy days for a warm welcome.

It’s not that I read the latest Paris weather forecast before I arrived in Paris. I don’t like forecasts. And I mean I don’t like them at all. I just don’t trust them. But I admit it might have given me a slight idea of what the weather in Paris would be.

Anyway, living in Paris for some time now made me more cautious and attentive to what the capricious Paris weather can bring.

Paris weather can be gorgeous

Paris weather can be gorgeous


Paris Weather In Spring

Although there may be a lot of sunny days, the weather in Paris during springtime is usually cloudy, with chilly evenings. Average temperatures vary between 3° and 18° C (37° – 46° F), which is really cold if you like hot weather. Rainfalls are quite frequent, although this is the season with the lowest rainfall in the year. Spring is the most beautiful time of the year, as flowers blossom and tint the city in colors.

Paris Weather In Summer

Well, when you say summer, you imagine hot sunny days and naked people sweating on the beach. Not in Paris though. The maximum average temperatures in July and August reach 24° C (75° F), while the minimum get as low as 14° C (57° F). Cool evenings can be expected too. Rainfall comes in the form of heavy showers, which can be really violent at times.

Paris Weather In Autumn

I like the weather in Paris in early autumn. Tree leaves turn colorful just like taken from paintings of Monet. And it’s quite beautiful to stroll through the parks and gardens. It quickly gets cold though, and average minimum temperatures can go as low as 8° C (46° F) in October and 4° C (39° F) in November. Rainfall is the usual for the city with showers on about 12 to 14 days in a month.

Paris Weather In Winter

You don’t want to visit Paris during winter months, do you? Except on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Paris in winter is grey, grey, grey. The weather in Paris in winter gets really cold. Average temperatures in January are between 1° C (34° F) and 6° C (43° F), and sun shines only around 2 hours a day.