Getting a Fictional Kick Out of Eiffel Tower

It all started with me purchasing tickets to the Eiffel Tower online. I was so excited, I was finally going to see the Eiffel Tower something I had dreamed about all my life. The day was finally here and I used Delta Airlines UK to get to Paris. I actually didn’t know that Delta Airlines UK actually had such good services; I did enjoy the whole flight.

The problem with most popular attractions is that they are usually over hyped to the point one can’t differentiate the truth between reality and hype. Most people always dream of visiting a popular tour site and when they get there they usually get very disappointed. I am much of a traveler and I have toured a number of places; met with some disappointments along the way. I cannot say the same for the classical Eiffel Tower. Eiffel Tower is an attraction that is popularly known for its romantic allure. When I visited the tower, my vision of the Eiffel Tower was not hindered at all; in fact my experience was more magical than I expected.

The whole experience of touring Eiffel Tower was just magical. I fell in love with it instantly. Unlike everyone else who goes to visit the tower during weekends I decided to go during mid-week which was a very god idea as there was not much of a crowd then.

I thought that 6pm would be the perfect time just when darkness was about to set in. I did opt to use the stairs since the direct elevators were a bit expensive. Just below the tower I saw the beautiful gardens of Trocadéro. The garden has a very popular lane known as the ‘lover’s lane.’ If you want an experience of a lifetime then timing is just everything. As I stood at the top of the tower I watched the beautiful city.

The following day I did picnic at the Champ de Mars which was just an unforgettable experience. The Champ de Mars is located just below the tower and is a popular place where lovers and families spend time together through a picnic.

Interesting facts I learned while I was Eiffel Tower:

• The tower was originally built to serve as an entrance arch of the World’s Fair in 1889.

• The tower is actually made of iron that weighs up to 10000 tones.

• The tower’s name originates from its designer engineer, Gustave Eiffel.

• The tower has actually two restaurants located on the first and the second platform.

• Over 300 million people are said to have visited the tower since its inception.


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