Eiffel Tower Visits

I don’t actually remember how many Eiffel Tower visits have I made. And every time I put a foot on it I think about the millions of people who have come to visit the Eiffel Tower before me.

Where do they come from? What was the reason of their visit? What was their walk of life?

In its more than 120 years of history, Eiffel Tower visits have reached more than 250 million.

Eiffel Tower Visits - Almost Seven Million a Year

Eiffel Tower Visits – Almost Seven Million a Year


After the Eiffel Tower opened for the public in May 1889, it received almost two million visits in its first year of operation alone. Although this number was boosted by the World Exhibition of that same year, by 1900 the Eiffel Tower was receiving around 2,000 visitors a day.

Notable visitors included Thomas Edison, Sarah Bernhardt, the president of the French Republic Sadi Carnot, and the Prince of Wales with his family, who were personally guided by Gustav Eiffel himself.

Other famous royal visitors were Oscar II of Sweden, George I of Greece, Leopold II of Belgium, the Shah of Iran, Ferdinand of Austria, the future emperor of Japan Hiro-Hito, the Duke of Windsor, Queen Sirikit of Thailand.

Another famous visitor that same year was the legendary Buffalo Bill. Years later, in 2000, his great grandson Bill Cody Garlow also made a visit to the Eiffel Tower, following the steps of his predecessor.

Popular personalities who made visits to the Eiffel Tower were the first cosmonaut ever Yuri Gagarin, golf champion Arnold Palmer, Michael Jackson, actors Pierce Brosnan, Jackie Chan, and Chris Tucker, singers Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, Georges Brassens.

The number of visitors sky-rocketed and in 1983 the Eiffel Tower visits reached 100 million. In the next ten years, 50 million more visit the tower. And in 2002, the Eiffel Tower welcomed the 200 millionth visitor. Amazing!

Today, Eiffel Tower visits amount to almost seven million a year. And keep counting…