Eiffel Tower Tickets

There is nothing wrong in queuing for Eiffel Tower tickets. One can contemplate the tower from beneath, explore the scenery, and even make some new friends while waiting in the queue.

But honestly, if your ultimate desire is to get to the top as soon as possible and enjoy the stunning views of Paris, why not buy your Eiffel Tower tickets online and skip the queue?

Waiting for Eiffel Tower tickets

Waiting for Eiffel Tower tickets


I’ve done this last time, and it worked perfectly for me. I bought the ticket at home, printed it out, and voila. You just want to make sure you are at the Eiffel Tower at the time indicated on your ticket, otherwise you might miss your turn.

There are few options to consider when you buy Eiffel Tower tickets:

Stairs Entrance Eiffel Tower Tickets

Buying a Stairs Entrance Ticket will give you the opportunity to explore the Eiffel Tower on feet. Please note it’s only valid for and gives you an access up to the second floor. It’s the cheapest option, it will not get you to the top, but going up to the second floor is more than enough.

Lift Entrance Eiffel Tower Tickets (2nd floor)

This type of ticket will also take you up to the second floor but you are allowed to use the elevator instead of the stairs. It’s a bit more expensive than the Stairs Entrance Ticket.

Lift Entrance Eiffel Tower Tickets (to the top)

This ticket is the one to buy if you want to get to the top. It’s the most expensive of all Eiffel Tower tickets, but it is definitely worth the price if you like heights. Be aware though that Paris landmarks and monuments are hardly seen from the top and if the weather is bad, you won’t see anything at all.

Buying Your Eiffel Tower Tickets Online

If you have searched the web on how and where to buy your Eiffel Tower tickets, you have probably found only websites telling you how to buy Eiffel Tower tours.

The truth is that currently the only place on the web where you can buy your Eiffel Tower tickets online, is the official Eiffel Tower website.

I agree that buying a ticket on their website is a bit complicated, because the site is hard to navigate. But as you may have already noticed that’s the only website on the net where online Eiffel Tower tickets are available.

Another clever way to skip the queue, of course, is buying one of the Eiffel Tower tours available through different local travel agencies. In a manner that, apart from visiting the Eiffel Tower, you will also have the chance to enjoy other Paris attractions, or visit one or more of the world famous Paris landmarks.