Eiffel Tower Lights

I remember standing on the shore of Seine watching the Eiffel Tower lights sparkling in the night, and thought to myself – would it be true? It seemed to me like the Eiffel Tower was taken out of a children’s fairy tale and tossed across the Seine for people to enjoy.

At nightfall, 336 projectors illuminate the Eiffel Tower bathing the structure in gold. And the beacon on the top sends out two light beams visible from 80 km.

And every evening, 20,000 sparkling lights light up the sky around the Eiffel Tower. They sparkle for 5 minutes every hour on the hour, playing with the imagination of people happened to be around.

Eiffel Tower Lights

Eiffel Tower Lights


It’s amazing how the Eiffel Tower lights recall one’s child’s memories and take you back in time. There, on the river shore, Eiffel tower lights bring joy and happiness to those who waited for the nightfall to come.

I would like to have been there, on the Champ de Mars, in 1889, to see the first lighting show of the Iron Lady. At that same inauguration evening, 10,000 gas lamps were lit up to mark its birth.

I would like to have been there too, for the 1985 New Year’s Eve, when the Eiffel Tower was dressed up with its golden lights it still has today.

And how could I have missed the 2000 New Year’s Eve lighting show. Broadcast by 250 tv channels from around the world, it remains the most fascinating event to celebrate the new Millennium.

But still, I’m lucky, because I’m able to enjoy the Eiffel Tower day and night. And waiting for another Eiffel Tower lighting show to come…