Eiffel Tower, Home To Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s Wedding Vows Renewal

Eiffel Tower has been often visited by famous personalities through its 120-years history. Royal visitors, politicians, world-known actors, and great sportsmen have all made their way up the Iron Lady.

Yesterday, April 27, 2012, the Eiffel Tower received yet another famous visitor. Mariah Carey and her beloved Nick Cannon renewed their wedding vows in Paris atop the Eiffel Tower.

Mariah and Nick renew wedding vows at Eiffel Tower

Mariah and Nick renew wedding vows at Eiffel Tower (image courtesy of AP)

The couple has made plans to celebrate their twins’ first birthday in Paris, and a rumor has been going on for a while that there was going to be much more than that.

Mariah and Nick first went to Maison Blanche. It’s a chic restaurant at 15, Avenue Montaigne, famous for being the typical Parisian place where people want to be seen. It’s very expensive restaurant, but it has spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower and Paris.

At Maison Blanche Mariah and Nick posed for photographers. Mariah appeared in a white mermaid frock with a black bow wrapped around her waist, while Nick was dressed in a white suit with contrasting black tie and shoes.

Then they headed for the Eiffel Tower where they renewed their wedding vows and said “I do” to each other for a forth time since 2008. And celebrated it with a romantic dinner at Le Jules Verne restaurant.