The Most Interesting Eiffel Tower Facts You Haven’t Heard About

There are some Eiffel Tower facts I really find amazing. I bet you are going to be astonished too.

I organized all of the most interesting facts about the Eiffel Tower in such a way that you can use this as a quick reference guide. There are some Eiffel Tower facts you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Eiffel Tower Facts - 60 tons of paint needed

Eiffel Tower Facts – 60 tons of paint needed


The first intriguing Eiffel Tower fact I stumbled upon was that there were a total of 107 bids submitted to construct the Eiffel Tower. Imagine what an astonishing project you must have had, in order to win the contest.

Other quite interesting Eiffel Tower facts are related to the iron parts and rivets used in the construction of the tower, the weight of paint used, the kilometers traveled by the lifts every year, and the quantity of detergents used for cleaning. You can even find out here how many bin bags are used in a year.

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Facts about Eiffel Tower construction

Number of bids submitted to construct the tower: 107
Number of people working on the design: 50
Number of drawings on the design: 5,300
Number of workers who built the parts: more than 100
Number of workers to assemble the parts on site: 132
Deepest foundations: 15 meters underground
Date on which construction began: January 28, 1887
Inauguration date: March 31, 1889
Time to complete construction: 2 years, 2 months, and 5 days
Square between the four pillars: 125 meters on each side
Space between the pillars on first platform: 4,415 m2
Space between the pillars on second platform: 1,430 m2
Space between the pillars on third platform: 250 m2
Weight of the metal structure: 7,300 tons
Total weight of the Eiffel Tower: 10,100 tons
Number of iron parts used: 18,038
Number of rivets used: 2,500,000
Number of steps to the top: 1,665
Total cost of construction: 7,799,401.31 french gold francs of 1889
Ownership: City of Paris

Facts about Eiffel Tower height

Eiffel Tower original height: 312 meters
Eiffel Tower current height: 324 meters
Height of first platform: 57 meters
Height of second platform: 115 meters
Height of third platform: 276 meters

Facts about Eiffel Tower elevators

Number of elevators from ground to second floor: 5
Number of elevators from second floor to top: 2 Duo-lifts
Capacity of North Pillar elevator: 920 persons/hour
Capacity of East Pillar elevator: 650 persons/hour
Capacity of West Pillar elevator: 650 persons/hour
Capacity of Duo-lifts: 1,140 persons/hour
Capacity of Jules Verne Restaurant elevator: 10 persons/ascent
Capacity of South Pillar goods elevator: 30 persons or 4 tons/ascent
Kilometers traveled by the lifts: 103,000 km a year

Other interesting Eiffel Tower facts

Lighting: 336 projectors (sodium lamps)
Number of sparkling lights: 20,000 (5,000 on each side)
Electricity consumption: 7.8 million kWh per year
Electric cables covering the structure: 80 km
Eiffel Tower is entirely painted every seven years
Weight of paint used: 60 tons
Surface to be painted: 250,000 m2
Time required to paint the Eiffel Tower: 15 to 18 months
Painters required: 25
Number of TV stations: 36
Number of radio stations: 31
Number of antennas: 120
Number of persons working on the tower: more than 600
Paper used to print the visitor’s tickets in a year: 2 tons
Quantity of detergents used for cleaning in a year: 400 liters
Bin bags used in a year: 25,000
Security and surveillance cameras: more than 100
Number of annual visitors: almost 7 million


Awesome, isn’t it? So many interesting Eiffel Tower facts. Here’s also other Eiffel Tower information you could find useful. That’s information related to Eiffel Tower location, opening hours, steps, lifts, visits, etc.

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