Disneyland Prices

Before my first visit to Disneyland Paris, I was looking for information on Disneyland prices on the internet, and to my surprise, there was none. A few years later, information on Disneyland prices is still scarce.

That’s why I decided to collect and organize all the information related to Disneyland prices, and make it available online, so that everybody can consult it before booking.

Disneyland prices are listed according to the type of ticket. It’s pretty easy to compare them and decide which ticket to choose.

Please note all Disneyland prices are in euros, include VAT, and are valid from the date of purchase until Nov 7th, 2012. Tickets can be booked online on the official Disneyland Paris website.

Best Disneyland prices are available online.

Once there, Disneyland prices don’t matter


Standard Disneyland Ticket Prices

The prices for these Disneyland tickets vary according to the length of the visit. They can be valid for one of the parks or both, and can be used within a year from the purchase date.

  • 1-Day/1-Park ticket: 59 Euro (adult), 53 Euro (child)
  • 1-Day/2-Park ticket: 71 Euro (adult), 64 Euro (child)
  • 2-Day/2-Park ticket: 123 Euro (adult), 111 Euro (child)
  • 3-Day/2-Park ticket: 153 Euro (adult), 138 Euro (child)
  • 4-Day/2-Park ticket: 180 Euro (adult), 162 Euro (child)
  • 5-Day/2-Park ticket: 200 Euro (adult), 180 Euro (child)


Magic Disneyland Ticket Prices

The Magic ticket is a one day ticket that gives you access to both parks. It is valid for six months of the date of purchase, and is not available at the entrance of the parks.

  • 1-Day/2 Parks ticket: 60 Euro (adult), 54 Euro (child)


Party Disneyland Ticket Prices

The Party tickets allow you to enjoy both parks for four or five days at a discounted price. They must be used within seven days from first date of use, although days do not have to be consecutive. It’s one of the best Disneyland prices if you want to enjoy all attractions in both parks

  • 4 Days for the price of 3 ticket: 153 Euro (adult), 138 Euro (child)
  • 5 Days for the price of 4 ticket: 180 Euro (adult), 162 Euro (child)


Disneyland Paris Express Ticket Prices

This ticket is valid for both parks and includes a round trip transfer by shuttle from Paris city center. Departure from Paris is scheduled at Gare du Nord, Opera, Madeleine, and Chatelet.

  • 1-Day/2 Parks ticket with transfer from/to Paris: 86 Euro (adult), 69 Euro (child)


Disneyland prices are the same across the board. Please note, though, there may be tickets available for sale in one country that are not available in other.

You can check what kind of tickets are available for your country of residence on the official Disneyland Paris website.