An Awesome Eiffel Tower Experience

By Jim Leitch, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

In October of 2009 I visited a friend who was on a teacher exchange in Germany. Before returning home to Canada, I took the opportunity to spend 3 days in Paris.

The priority site to visit while in Paris was the Eiffel Tower. Immediately after unpacking, I walked to the Tower and I certainly was not disappointed when I finally arrived.

It was an awesome site both from a distance and also when close to it and especially standing underneath the tower itself.

After a considerable wait in line, I was able to take the stairs to the first level. The walk up was enjoyable as was the information found on this level. The sites from all levels were absolutely amazing.

I returned later in the evening to once again view the tower but with it being lit up at night. It was spectacular. The Eiffel Tower is a “must visit” for anyone visiting Paris.

One day I hope to be able to return to Paris and the Eiffel Tower will once again be my number 1 priority to visit.


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