Eiffel Tower – the most visited world landmark!

We have been visiting the Eiffel Tower on every Paris vacation. We would book a hotel near Eiffel Tower, we would stroll on Champ de Mars, we would buy our tickets, and then, we would enjoy the most famous Paris landmark, either walking up the 669 steps or using one of the Eiffel Tower lifts.

Eiffel Tower Paris

Eiffel Tower Paris


We would then take a seat in the cafe on the first platform, and order our favorite hot chocolate drinks. And while taking the sun, we would  enjoy the spectacular view of Champ de Mars and École Militaire.

After having our drinks, we would  continue our way up the Eiffel Tower. We would meet happy visitor’s faces in between the iron parts, and as we climb higher and higher, we would discover how beautiful Paris might be.

Once on the second platform, we would take another break. We just wouldn’t miss the magnificent views of Paris. École Militaire, Les Invalides, Montparnasse Tower, Basilique de Sacre Coeur, La Defance  are all in sight.

La Defance and Trocadero


Then, there’s only a short ride in a lift in order to get to the Eiffel Tower top. It could be really windy there, but we wouldn’t miss our glass of champagne to celebrate being at the final point of our journey.

It’s amazing how this bizarre structure can attract so many visitors. They come from all over the world and impatiently queue to climb it. They photograph, they smile, they laugh, they simply hang around, feeling happy by just being beside her.

Of course, I see this happen almost every day now. And I kind of fell in love with her.

View of Paris


Gone are the days when the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France was an outrageous creation in the eyes of most french intellectuals. Today, it’s the most visited world monument.



Well, if you have ever been to Paris, France, I suppose you already know this. But if you haven’t, and you are planning  to visit the most spectacular Paris attraction, don’t worry. I’ll be telling you everything about it.

I’ll be telling you about who designed it, and who built it. I’ll be telling you how tall the Eiffel Tower is, how many steps it has, and even how many lamps are there flashing in the darkness.

We have also taken a lot of Eiffel Tower pictures which I’ll be showing to you (all of them, of course, originally taken by us). I even shot some videos.

At the Eiffel Tower


So what can you find in “Eiffel Tower, the amazing Paris landmark”?

After our very first visit to the Eiffel Tower, we’ve been traveling as far away as Jokkmokk Winter Market in Swedish Lapland but we’ve been coming back to Paris over and over again. We were exploring the stunning Paris attractions one by one, but we were always coming back to our beloved Eiffel Tower.  The site shares with you …

  • how tall is the most visited monument in the world
  • its history through the years
  • the most interesting Eiffel tower facts
  • tips on visiting the Eiffel tower
  • how to buy your Eiffel Tower tickets online and skip the queue
  • which are the most exiting Eiffel  Tower tours
  • information on hotels near Eiffel Tower
  • pictures and photos originally taken by us
  • what’s on the menu in the Eiffel Tower restaurant
  • list of Eiffel Tower replicas around the world
  • other Paris attractions and landmarks
  • and lots of other useful information …

I hope you enjoy the Eiffel Tower … And don’t forget to come back often!